The Best Place to Sell Tickets

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May 14, 2022
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The Best Place to Sell Tickets

The Best Place to Sell Tickets

best place to sell tickets

If you’re in search of a place to sell tickets, consider using eBay or StubHub. Below are some tips that include shipping and service fees. eBay can also be a great option if you’re trying to sell tickets for less. The lower price will be advantageous to buyers and sellers will pay $0.30 per purchase. Craigslist is an online marketplace where you can purchase many products. It has around 200 million users per month, and tickets for popular events are sold quickly. Craigslist is completely free and there are no costs for selling or buying. Sellers can also price tickets in accordance to state laws.


StubHub is the best platform to sell tickets. It lets you showcase different types of tickets, such as general tickets to admission, select seating tickets, or mobile transfer screenshots. If you’d like to streamline the process you can also add additional features and list the seats. StubHub makes the whole process extremely simple.

StubHub costs a 10% fee in addition to its user-friendly interface. The remaining 85% of the cost is paid by the buyer. This means that a $100 ticket would earn $100 if sold on StubHub. You can choose to receive your payment via PayPal or via check, however, make sure you make use of the same email address on both accounts. If your tickets sell, StubHub will send you an email. The payment will be processed within a couple of business days.

StubHub is an official online ticketing site. However, there are some shortcomings. The prices are fluctuating and tickets may not be authentic, and you may be charged shipping charges. It is recommended to take a look at both sides of reviews and make a informed decision based upon all the facts. StubHub has excellent customer service. If you are planning to sell tickets through StubHub take these aspects in your head.

In addition to selling tickets, StubHub is also a guarantee that tickets will be delivered at the right time, allow for entry, and have a similar value to the ticket that was purchased. If an event is cancelled and StubHub is able to offer 100% money back guarantee. Additionally, StubHub has many positive customer reviews that make it the ideal platform to sell tickets. You can also choose from thousands of other sellers when you sell or buy tickets on StubHub.

To sell tickets on StubHub You must sign up and choose your event. After that you’ll need select your section and row as well as the number you’d like to offer tickets. On the seller’s site you will be required to upload a copy of the ticket or upload the PDF. After selecting your tickets, the seller will be informed of the transaction. It’s as easy as that!

Vivid Seats

Vivid Seats has the highest traffic out of all the ticket resales websites. Customers will get the lowest prices possible. The website allows you to upload your tickets and permits potential buyers to pay via PayPal. After you have received payment, you’ll be able to login to your account and view your tickets. Vibrant Seats has the best benefit the ability to pay using PayPal or credit card.

If you are a beginner is seatgeek safe to buy tickets you can use the search function on the site which will assist you in finding the information you’re looking for. You can enter a keyword for instance, like the team’s name, performer or venue and the results will be presented in chronological order. Vivid Seats accepts all major credit cards, as well as PayPal Credit as well as Google Wallet. It also has a ‘Buyer Guarantee’ policy which means you are assured that your tickets will never be lost in the shuffle.

If you opt to sell your tickets through Vivid Seats, be aware that the charges will cover the expenses related to the platform. These fees include commissions for third-party sites, customer services and processing fees. These charges are necessary to protect the platform and to deal with any problems related to transactions. There’s still a lot to be done. To locate the ideal ticket marketplace for you, there are numerous questions that need to be addressed.

StubHub, another ticket-reselling site worth looking into Also, it is worth your attention. It receives more than the 40,000 search results for brand names every month, which is less than the two million or so daily customers. Vivid Seats offers a lower cost structure than StubHub and also offers premium services to enhance its customer experience. With these two advantages, Vivid Seats is the most effective place to sell tickets.

Ticket Liquidator

Ticket Liquidator is like eBay in its selling feature. It lets users list tickets with their own prices, and are able to sell tickets for events that may not be in high demand. If you sell tickets highly sought-after, you’ll likely make some money If your tickets are not popular you’ll need to lower the price in order so that you can draw the attention of potential buyers. To get attention buyers on eBay will choose to use cheaper prices.

Ticket Liquidator has the advantage that it is a legitimate agency for ticket sales that follows the standard ticket sales process. It has a simple interface as well as a huge search section. It sells tickets to sporting and concert events , too. If you’re selling tickets, this is something to consider. If you are selling tickets through Ticket Liquidator be sure to check the refund policy first. Ticket Liquidator accepts tickets from amateur and professional ticket sellers.

Ticket Liquidator charges a small 10% commission on sales and guarantees that buyers will get their tickets. It also offers a customer-reselling program that guarantees admission to events for tickets returned. In addition, the company also offers a mobile discount for those who are first-time users, as well as an assurance of money-back of 200 percent for all tickets sold. The site also permits simple browsing of events that are in your area.

Another benefit of Ticket Liquidator is that it does not allow multiple bids. This is a huge benefit since it helps keep ticket prices within acceptable limits. Ticket Liquidator offers a wider variety of shows than eBay. There are a variety of events including sports and theater shows. They do not happen immediately.

Ticket Liquidator is also a great site to purchase tickets. Tickets are available from reliable sellers at unbeatable prices on this site. Because they only offer tickets from trustworthy sellers, you can trust that you won’t be scammed off. They’ll ensure that your tickets will arrive in good time and are of top quality. If you don’t receive your purchase, Ticket Liquidator will refund you the full amount you paid for.


When you decide where to sell your tickets there are many places to choose from. If you want to sell your tickets at a cheaper price, consider online classifieds. They typically charge less to list stuff than their competitors so sellers are able to mark their prices as low as they like. However, you should be aware when selling tickets through eBay. Some sellers will try to sell tickets through eBay for a low price due to their desire to sell the tickets. This is an ideal option if have tickets that aren’t in high demand.

StubHub is the ideal place to start when you’re not sure whether or not you should list your tickets on eBay. They host over 10 million shows across 40 countries. It makes selling tickets quick and convenient for sellers. To sell tickets on StubHub, sellers simply need to create an account. They are able to choose the price at a fixed or declining rate. StubHub is another option for sellers to sell their tickets. Buyers can collect tickets at the centre or at any other suitable venue after they have listed the tickets on the site.

There are many safeguards available on eBay in case you’re worried about fake tickets. If you aren’t comfortable purchasing tickets from a shady seller, you may contact eBay’s dispute resolution team. Before you make payment, always check the receipt carefully and read the fine details. There are many tickets for sports on eBay. While selling your tickets online can be lucrative, you need be aware of frauds and stay clear of them.

It is an excellent idea to employ the services of a ticket broker to market your tickets. While brokers can be helpful and helpful, you should steer clear of aggressive brokers. This is due to the fact that they are more likely to study the true value of your tickets and offer you the highest price. It’s nice to have high bidders but it’s essential to wait until the ticket’s value is high enough to begin a bidding war. Some platforms punish sellers who offer tickets with prices that exceed a dollar beyond the budget of the purchaser.

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